Successful Completion of the Latest Phase of the ‘Smart-Bearing’ Research Project.

Successful Completion of the Latest Phase of the ‘Smart-Bearing’ Research Project.

Piraeus, Greece, August 19, 2021. Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp. (Capital-Executive) today announced the successful completion of the latest phase of the ‘Smart-Bearing’ research project. The smart bearing sensor was last installed and tested on board the Capital-Executive container vessel M/V ‘Adonis’ (ex “CMA-CGM Uruguay”), IMO 9706310 with excellent results in February 2020.

During the next phase of the project, the sensor is expected to be installed on another vessel for a 6-month trial period.

The smart bearing sensor is an innovative prototype sensor invented by ABS and realized in cooperation with the NTUA (National Technical University Athens) and Metrisis Ltd.

The smart bearing sensor is based on strain gauge technology, measuring the strain on the bearing housing caused by the shaft and mapping it onto bearing load. Effectively it converts the bearing housing into a weighing machine. It displays the bearing load of the intermediate bearing and the misalignment angle at all times, not only under static condition but also under dynamic conditions for any vessel draft, more or less like a standard temperature sensor. The benefits of this exciting yet simple technology involved unprecedented visibility of the shaft line dynamic conditions unlike the traditional static jack up tests. Therefore, given the capability of continuous monitoring and recording of the bearing load and shop misalignment angle, the prototype sensor removes the need for Jack up tests for realignment purposes. Extension of this technology into the sterntube bearings will make for an integrated system, that will provide enhanced vessel protection through an economic, practical, and meaningful shaft line condition monitoring system. Shaft alignment sensitive vessels, such as those with single sterntube bearings or shaft lines with water lubricated bearings will certainly benefit most from such innovative monitoring systems.

Mr. Stavros Meidanis, Managing Director of Capital-Executive commented: “We are always pleased to participate and contribute to the application of innovation and advanced technologies. It is our company’s stated strategy to implement and enhance technological evolution with the aim of building a more sustainable shipping industry ”.

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, Director of Global Ship Systems Center in Athens said “ ABS has now tested the prototype sensor onboard three vessels and it works as expected, with the last test showing excellent data. We are delighted to work with companies like Capital-Executive, who value smart innovative solutions and are ready to explore advanced technologies to augment preventative maintenance and vessel safety.”

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